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Motor rotor for standard width Dishdrawer. PH5.

Suits Models : DD605, DS605 and DD60 & DS60 ending in a 6 or 7.

Note: This part replaces 528136P.

$ 99.95Each
In Stock
This part replaces 528136P

***This part replaces 524146 & 523627***

Crockery Insert for Dishwasher.

Suits Models beginning with: DD60.

$ 35.50Each
In Stock

Motor rotor for standard width DishDrawer.

Suits Models: DD60 & DS60 ending in a 8 or 9.

$ 119.95Each
In Stock

Motor rotor for standard width Dishdrawer.

Suits Models starting with: DD601, DS601, DD602, DS602, DD603, DS603.

Note: This replaces parts 525884P & 524307P.

$ 99.95Each
In Stock
This replaces parts 525884P & 524307P

Filter Plate Kit for DishDrawer™.

O/Mold 60 Mid.

Suits Models: Series to Series 9 DishDrawer™.

$ 154.00Each
In Stock

***Replaces Parts 527739 & 523311***

Drain filter for DishDrawer™.

Suits Models: DD24xx7, DD24xx9, DD36xx2, DD60xx7, DD60xx7E, DD90XX2.

$ 39.95Each
In Stock

***This part replaces 525489 & 527585***

Cutlery Basket with Inserts for DishDrawer™.

Suits Models: DD601 & DS601, DD603 & DS603, DD605 & DS605D, D60 standard DishDrawer.

$ 42.96Each
In Stock
DD60xxx6 designer DishDrawer™s use part 522629. DD60xxx7 designer DishDrawer™s use part 523404

***Replaces part 527694***

Light gray rinse aid bung for DishDrawer™.

Suits Models beginning with: DD602/3/5, DS602/3/5, DD24xxxx6, DD24xxx6V2, DD36xxxx1DCS, DD124DCS, DD224DCS, DD24xxx6 (x denotes variable data).

$ 14.95Each
In Stock

Main Plate Crockery Insert.

Suits models beginning with DD60 and ending in 6.

$ 19.81Each
In Stock
For the small plate crockery insert use part 524868

Fold Down Clip for Dishwasher.

Suits Models: DW60C, DW60F, HDW14G, HDW153G, HDW15V2\V3.

$ 4.95Each
In Stock

Control Module for Dishdrawer. 230V.

Suits Models:

DD60 ending in 7.

$ 181.94Each
In Stock

2150mm long drain hose for Dishwasher.

Suits Models: DW60CDX2, DW60CDW1, DW60CEW1, DW60CEX1, DW60CSX1, DW60CSW1.

Note: Confirm the correct part number for your model by referring to the Parts Manuals.

$ 29.95Each
In Stock
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