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This Agitator suits all Fisher & Paykel top load washing machines.
$ 80.29Each
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Suspension Kit Assembly for Washing Machine. Black, 685 (PKT 4).

Suits the following models: WA1068G2, WA1068G1, WA1068P1, WL8060P1, WL1068P1, WA8060P1, WA8060E1, WA8060G1, WA7560E1, WA7060E1, WA7060G1, WA8560P1, WA8560E1, WA8560G1.

IMPORTANT! - Please check the 5-digit product code as WILL NOT SUIT the following product codes: 92263-B 92264-B 93264-B 92266-B 92262-B 93262-B 93265-B.

$ 142.99Each
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Slotted Door Kit for Dryer Dryer door, rim only.

Does not include window or door catch/strike.

Suits rear venting dryer models.

Models: DE45F56AW1, DE50F56E1, DE50F56A1 & DE50F56A2.

Includes: Outer Door, Gasket Door, Butt Hinge.

Note: Will not suit models: AD39 and models beginning with DE35, DE40,DE60 and DEIX1.

$ 66.05Each
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Inlet Hose Assembly for Washing Machine.
$ 24.95Each
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Rotor position sensor (RPS) for automatic Washer. PH7.
$ 69.04Each
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Confirm the correct part number for your model by referring to the Parts Manuals.

Stator Assembly for Washer.

Suits Models: GW512, GW612, GW712, GWC12, GWL12, GWL15, GWM12, IW712, IW812, IWL12, IWM12, MW512, MW513, MW612, MW613, MWC12, WA37T26EW2, WA37T26GW2, WA3927G2, WA42T26GW1, WA55T56GW1, WA55T56MW1, WA65T60GW1, WA65T60MW1, WA70T60FW1, WA70T60GW1, WA75T65GW1, WA80T65FW1, WA80T65GW1, WA85T60FW1, WA85T60GW1, WA90T65GW1, WL37T26CW2, WL37T26DW2, WL37T26KW2, WL4027P2, WL42T26CW1, WL42T26DW1, WL42T26KW1, WL70T60CW1, WL70T60DW1, WL80T65CW1, WL80T65DW1.

$ 145.17Each
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Suspension Kit Assembly for Washing Machine.

4 in one package.

Suits Models: WA55T56GW1, WA60T56GW1, WA65T60GW1, WA75T65GW1, WA70T60GW1/FW1, WA80T65GW1/FW1, IW712, IW812, MW512, MW513, MW60.

Note: Confirm the correct part number for your model by referring to the Parts Manuals.

$ 130.00Each
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Suspension Kit for Aquasmart Washers. 4 in a pack.

Suitable Models: WL70T60DW1/CW1/CW2 & WL80T65DW1/CW1/CW2.

$ 130.00Each
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Wall Mounting Kit for Dryer.

Suits Models: DE5060, DE4060, DE7060, HDV50E, HDV60A, HDV40A, DE6060, HDV70E, DE4560M.

$ 46.02Each
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Control Module SD9 C2N for Washing Machine. 230V.

Suits Models: MW513, WA55T56GW1, WA60T56GW1, WA70T60GW1, WA55T56GW1.

Note: This part replaces 421297NAP.

$ 225.95Each
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Replaces part 421297NAP

Drain Pump Filter Cap for Washers.

$ 14.95Each
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Outer Door Cover for Washing Machine.

Suits Models: WH7560J3, WH8060J3, WH9060J3.

$ 69.95Each
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