Wall Vent Kit 150mm, pdp

Wall Vent Kit 150mm

Deflect-o 150mm Wall venting kits are universal fitting and ideal for ventilation options requiring bends to navigate around obstacles within wall or roof cavities.

Supplied with the most efficient type of flexible ducting - Semi-Rigid aluminium ducting holds its full diameter and form when bent into shape, and also offers a superior temperature range to that of flexible foil type ducting.

Ducting expands to a straight length of 3000mm and should be extended in section from the centre - out to each end.

The Wall Vent consists of a calcium filled, polypropylene plastic with UV stabilisers. The gravity louvres allow air to exhaust, and shut to prevent the entry of back drafts, birds and vermin when not in use. Installation Note: Please read installation instructions that are supplied with your Rangehood before installing these parts, assistance maybe required from a qualified tradesperson.

****This part replaces PD-RHK150W****

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Wall Vent Kit 150mm