Match Your Cooking Style

The perfect cooktop accentuates the kitchen’s design aesthetic, while delivering the performance and heating methods to match your cooking style.

Choose from technologies that allow you to truly express yourself through your cooking – be it with the precision and speed of induction, the art of cooking with gas, or a combination of both.

Style Meets Power

The ultimate pair, the frameless black gas-on-glass hob is the perfect complement to the 90cm 5-zone induction hob with Touch&Slide controls, a dual zone and SmartZone features. Accept no compromise with a hob fit for the high-end kitchen.

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for the Process

Cooking is not simply the difference between raw and cooked. While cooked food is the destination, cooking is about the journey – how to apply heat that takes food from soft to crunchy, bland to flavourful, muddled to perfectly combined.

Choosing the right heat source for your ingredients and cooking technique is the key to developing deeper flavours, perfect textures and bringing together each component on a plate harmoniously.

From simmering to searing, surface cooking delivers heat at the perfect rate to develop and concentrate flavours, or create new flavours that make a dish more complex.

Exceptional Control

The perfect combination of flavours, textures and aromas in a dish is seldom achieved in a single pan at a set heat.

We rely on precision at both high and low temperatures to create components that complement and contrast with one another perfectly. That control is what allows us to fry ground beef to a rich brown, while gently simmering béchamel sauce to come together at the same time for the perfect lasagne.


Reducing a sauce is a balance of time and temperature – evaporating water to deepen flavours without overheating and breaking down the more volatile oils that contribute subtle notes. With remarkable precision at low temperatures, induction hobs are the choice of the aspiring saucier.


Searing requires intense heat to bring oils and fats to temperature in an instant. Flash fry with gas or induction hobs to melt fats and seal the exterior so steak cooks from the inside.


Whether a pork steak sizzling on a skillet or chocolate melting in a saucepan, conduction happens when food is heated through direct contact with a hot surface.

Conduction is one of the most flexible methods of cooking, both in the techniques it brings to a chef’s repertoire and in the results it delivers.

From a gentle and slow confit to more intense methods such as frying and searing, conduction is where cooking is elevated into an artform.


Choose from induction hobs with dedicated elements, or include SmartZones for the ultimate in flexibility. SmartZones allow induction elements to be bridged together into zones, for meals that require larger cookware.

Combine Dominoes

Create the perfect hob configuration to match the way you want to cook, with combination hobs. Bring together hobs with different power sources, set up side-by-side or distribute around your kitchen to create specialised cooking zones.

Innovative Induction

Induction brings the perfect balance of power and control to the cooking suite, with elegant tempered glass to complement the design aesthetic of the modern kitchen.

Its speed and accuracy make induction perfect for gently cooking delicate foods such as eggs, dairy, fish, and shellfish so they retain their moisture and texture.

Powerful at its top end, it is ideal for searing meat to brown the outside while leaving the inside pink for the perfect medium rare steak.

Precision and Control

Through the use of electromagnetism, induction hobs accelerate the molecules within the pan, generating heat. Because all the energy is being generated in the pan rather than in the hob, the pan will get to temperature faster, meaning shorter cooking times.

This also gives more precise temperatures, with heat that can be dialled up and down quickly with immediate response.

Cool to the Touch

Because it uses alternating magnetic currents to create heat from within the pan, the induction hob remains cool to the touch until cookware is placed on it.


Induction cooking gives precision of heat across the temperature spectrum. From low temperatures for a gentle and controlled simmer, to even searing of proteins, induction is the pinnacle of accuracy in hobs.

Easy to Clean

With a seamless glass surface, and no gaps or trivets, induction hobs are quick and simple to clean. Because no heat is generated in the hob itself, food will not cook onto the surface.