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As the heart of the home, the kitchen serves as both a practical, multi-functional space and an architectural statement. Design Freedom is the ability to distribute and integrate appliances into work zones that enhance the way you live.

Kitchen Entertainment


The way we use a kitchen is shaped by how we cook, cool and clean. Traditionally, these were dictated by the work triangle of fridge, stove and sink. However, thinking about the kitchen as a series of interlinked work zones can enhance the performance of specific tasks and activities and improve the social qualities of the kitchen.

The Boffi Minimal Kitchen, showcasing Integrated Appliances


Patterns of use are the rhythm of life in the home and the activities you undertake most often in the kitchen. From midweek convenience to weekend gourmet, and how you shop, cook and entertain, patterns of use provide an ergonomic overlay that helps you think use helps personalise the flow of space in the kitchen.

The Arclinea Contemporary Kitchen, showcasing Integrated Appliances


Today's kitchen is the domain of many: multiple cooks, coffee and tea makers, dishwasher loaders and unloaders. We design appliances for flexible placement, so you can create work zones that perfectly match your patterns of use. Our modular view of appliances lets you distribute appliances beyond the work triangle, so people can gather together without getting in each other's way.

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Integrated appliances assume the craft and materiality of the kitchen, for a seamless, unified aesthetic. They provide you with a range of bespoke detailing opportunities, the key to creating a considered kitchen architecture.

Integrated Dishwashers


Few products epitomise Design Freedom like the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher. Twenty–five years ago we began studying the complexities of a common kitchen action: the way drawers open and close, because in the modern kitchen, we live out of drawers. The result of our insights was the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher, which would go on to revolutionise the way people do dishes by enhancing the ergonomic flow of space between appliance, user and storage.


The DishDrawer™ Dishwasher gives you the freedom to design a kitchen that perfectly matches the way you live. Place conveniently under preparation spaces, configure side by side, stack or distribute around the kitchen to best suit your patterns of use.


With a pair of DishDrawer™ Dishwashers the bench space remains free of dirty dishes. As one DishDrawer™ Dishwasher cleans the other is ready to load. Installed either side of a sink, the process of load, wash, unload is at its most efficient and ergonomic.


The flexibility of placement and function is the result of our human-centred design philosophy; it's a curiosity for the way people interact with appliances that we apply to the design of our products, redefining what a kitchen should be.

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At Fisher & Paykel, we believe the kitchen is a social space that brings people together. Turn ingredients into cuisine and make dining in the new dining out with a collection of appliances designed to meet your changing needs. Kitchen Perfection.

The Arclinea Contemporary Kitchen

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Redefine kitchen performance with food care, wine care and cooking solutions designed for Mastery of Temperature, and dishwashing solutions that deliver perfect results.

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The Beauty of Choice

Choose the perfect product style to complement your kitchen aesthetic for complete functionality without compromise on design.

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Design Freedom

Live beyond the work triangle by distributing and integrating appliances into zones that perfectly suit the ways you live, cook and entertain.