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Integrated Column Wine Cabinets

Show respect to the vintage and the estate with refrigeration that creates the best environment for your wine collection. Set dual zones to serve a variety of wines at their perfect temperature and cellar your most treasured bottles safely while displaying them beautifully.

Optimal Wine Care

Invest in your collection

Wine is an investment - in time, in knowledge and in a collection. We have partnered with master sommeliers and wine makers to gain a deep understanding of the perfect conditions for aging wines of every vintage and varietal. This has allowed us to apply decades of expertise in refrigeration to create our luxury wine cabinets.


Wine is challenged by light, temperature, humidity and agitation. This is why Column Wine Cabinets are designed with features that overcome these challenges.

UV Protection

UV-blocking glass protects wine from excessive light by slowing chemical reactions that destroy the delicate bouquet and lead to off flavours.  LED lighting illuminates the cabinet to showcase your collection.

Dual Zones

Dual independent zones and flexible temperature settings allow you to serve your white and red wine at the perfect temperature, while cellaring your most treasured bottles to continue developing. 

Low Vibration

Energy created by vibrations can destroy the esters that give wine its deep aroma and flavor. Protect your collection with anti-vibration full extension oak shelves and compressor technology.

A beautiful combination

Create the ultimate kitchen solution for the wine collector, pairing the Integrated Column Wine Cabinet with Column Refrigerators and Freezers, or install separately with the freedom to place it wherever suits your vision.

Design Freedom

Designed to fit flush and have only 3mm gaps around them with no visible hinges or grilles. Our Integrated Column Wine Cabinets can be hidden behind your cabinetry or you can purchase our stainless steel door panel.

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