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This water filter removes chemicals and contaminants from your drinking water, resulting in clean tasting and clean smelling water. We recommend a new filter every six months for optimal water drinkability and flow. Use with Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Models beginning with: E402, E442, RF135, RF170, RF201, RF402, RF522, RF540, RF605, RF610, RF730, RS1884, RS2484, RS3084, RS36, RS4621, RS6121, RS7621, RS90, RS9120 If you have an older refrigerator model you may need to use part no. 862285 or 862288. Please check your filter for the part number before purchasing
Height 254mm
Width 69mm
Depth 51mm
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Part number should be on the old Filter you are replacing.

Half width adjustable door shelf for the left hand side of the door.

All 635mm width cabinets.

Suits Models beginning: E450, E373, E411T, E381T, E311T, E372B, E402B & E415H.

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Does not come with clear dairy cover lid.

Gasket / Seal for Freezer.

Suits Models starting with: RF610AD.

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Freezer Door Seal

Half width adjustable door shelf for the right hand side of the door.

Suits models beginning: E450, E373, E411T, E381T, E311T,E372B, E402B, &E415H.

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Please note does not come with clear dairy cover lid.

Foam Sensor Clip.

Suits models: RF201A, RF195A, RF175W, RF135B, RF170A, RF170W, RF610A, RF201A, RF522A, E522B, RS36A, RS36W.

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Slide Assembly - Left.

Suits models: E402B, E442B, E521T.

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Crisper/Bin Runner for Refrigerators.

PKT 2.

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Type A Sensor for Haier Refrigerator.

Suits Models: AFD626TF, AFD630IX, AFL628CX, AFL631CS, CFL629CW, HB21-FGBAA, HBMF348AX, HBMTD349AW, HFD635WISS, HFD647, HRF-663CJ, HSBS562IS, HSBS582AS, HSBS582AW, HSBS610IS, HSBS628, HTD635WISS, HTD647A, HTD647RSS, RF172GDUX1, RF203QDUVX1, RF342BCRX1, RF523GD, RF523M, RF605QDUVB1, RF605QD..1/2, RF605QNUVB1, RF605QNUVX1, RF605QZUVB1, RX611DUX1, RX628DW1, RX628DX1.

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Evaporator Tray for Refrigerator.

Suits Models starting with: E308L, E372B, E381T, E388L, E402B, E411T, E415H, E440T. E442B, E450R, E521T, E522B, RF308FLDW1, RF372BRPX6, RF388FLDW1, RF402B, Rf411T, RF440T, RF442B, RF450SRDW1, RF521T, Rf522A or W, RF610A.

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The bottle rail fits into the door shelf. Suits 635mm Wide Cabinets. Suits model numbers beginning with: RF331T, RF372B, RF381T/RF402B, RF411TE331T, E372B/E402B, E411T, E415H.
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PC Slide Cover for Refrigerators.

Suits Models: RS32A72J1, RS32A72U1, RS36A72J1, RS36A72JC1, RS36A72U1, RS36A72UC1, RS36A80J1, RS36A80JC1, RS36A80U1, RS36A80UC1, RS36W80LJ1, RS36W80LJC1, RS36W80RJ1, RS36W80RJC1, RS36W80RU1, RS36W80RUC1, RS80A1, RS80A2, RS80AU1, RS80AU2, RS90A1, RS90A2, RS90A3, RS90AU1, RS90AU2, RS90AU3, RS9120WLJ1, RS9120WLJ2, RS9120WRJ1, RS9120WRJ2, RS9120WRU1, RS9120WRU2.

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Main Controller Assembly for Refrigerators.
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