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Auto Ice Tray - Large.

Suits Models: E402BRXFD, E442BRXFDU, E522BLX, E522BRX, RF135B, RF170, RF201A, RF402BR, RF442BRPUX6, RF442BRXFDU5, RF522AD, RF522, RS9120W, RS90AU, RS80AU, RS1884F, RS2484F, RS3084, RS2462F, RS6121, RS7621, RF540, RF610A.

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Individual bottle holders can be spread out across any shelf in the refrigerator or when not in use can be stacked on top of each other. They have a groove which clips over a lip at the back of the shelf in some refrigerators. In other refrigerators with different shelf types the bottle holders can be set down directly on the shelf.

Note: Bottle holders sold individually.

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Support Bracket HCL for Refrigerator shelf.

Suits Models starting with: E372B, E402B, E406B, E442B, E522B, EL2521T, EL2521T, EL2522B, RF135BD, RF170AD, RF170B, RF170W, RF201A, RF440TRPX6, RF442B, RF522AD, RF522B, RF522WD, RF540AD, RF540AN, RF540AZUB5, RF610AD, RF610ANU.

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Door flapper spring for Refrigerator.

Suits Fisher & Paykel French Door models.

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Replaces Part 839666P

Control Module for Refrigerator.

VES AS51 120 - 230V SVC.

Suits Models: E522BRWFD5. RF135B, RF170, RF201.

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Right hand side door closing hook (door stop).

Suits Models beginning with E522 and RF170.

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NOTE: For left hand side door closing hook see part number 842240

Fruit & vegetable crisper bin (large upper bins) and freezer bin.

Suits French Door refrigerator model RF610.

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Ice & Water Valve for Refrigerator.


Suits Models: E402BRXFDU2/3/4/5, E442BLXFDJ5, E442BRXFDJ5, E442BRXFDU2/3/4/5, E522BLXFDU2/3/4, E522BLXU2/3/4, RF135BD, RF170AD, RF201A, RF402BR.

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Clip Sensor for Ice Tray.

Suits models: RF201A, RF175W, RF195A, RF135B, RF170A, RF170W, E522B, RF522A, RF610A, RF540A, RS36A, RS36W.

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Foam Sensor Clip.

Suits models: RF201A, RF195A, RF175W, RF135B, RF170A, RF170W, RF610A, RF201A, RF522A, E522B, RS36A, RS36W.

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Defrost Heater Kit for Refrigerator.


Suits Models: 680 models.

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Freezer Drawer for Refrigerators.

900x610 F SX2 HSW.

Suits Models: RF201ADJSX5, RF201ADUSX5, RF201ADX5, RF540ADUSX4, RF540ADUSX5, RF540ADUX4, RF540ADUX5, RF610ADJX5, RF610ADJX6, RF610ADUSX4, RF610ADUSX5, RF610ADUX5, RF610ADX4, RF610ADX5.

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