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Metallic Filter for Rangehood. LGT.

Suits Models beginning with: HP60IDCHX2, HP60IHCB3, HP90IDCHX2, HP90IHCB3.

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Lamp Holder for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC120BCXB2, HC120DCXB1, HC60BCXB2, HC60DCXB1, HC90BCXB2, HC90DCXB1, HC90PCB1, HC90PCR1, HC90PCW1, HC90PCX1, HP60IDCHX2, HP90IHCB3, HS60LRX4, HS60LXW4, HS60XW4, HS90X4, HT90DBX1, HT90GHB2.

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Charcoal filters remove grease and odours before recycling air back into the kitchen. General life of charcoal filters is 3-6 months depending on the style of cooking. This Charcoal filter is suitable for models ending in: DCXB3, IDCHX2, IDCHX3, ICSX3, PCX1, PCB1, PCW1, PCR1, GHB2, PLX4
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2 Filters Included
Aluminium filter for Rangehood. Dimensions: 335mm x 267mm Models beginning with RH, EC, HC, HI, RH361, EC90DXV, EC90DMV, EC120DMV, HC90DMB, HC90DXB, HC90DXV, HC36TX, HC33TM, HI120DMB, HI120DXB, HI120DMV, HI20DXV Note: Filters are sold individually.
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Filters are sold individually.

Control module for Rangehood.

Suits Models beginning: HC90D, HC60D & HC120D.

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Motor Group BTDCA for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC60BCXB2, HC90BCXB2, HC120BCXB2, HP90IHCB3, HT90GHB2, HP60IHCB3, HC120BCXB2, HC90BCXB2, HC60BCXB2, HT90GHB2, HP90IHCB3, HP60IHCB3.

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Duct Cover for Rangehood.

Suits Model: HT90GHB2.

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Halogen Lamp for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC60PCHPX1, HC90PCHPX1, HS60C, HS90C.

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Flange for Rangehood.

Suits models: H11120 & HC90.

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Duct Cover for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC60DCXB1, HC90DCXB1, HC120DCXB1, HC120BCXB2, HC120DCXB3, HC90PHTX1, HC120PHTX1, HC60PHTX1, HC90BCXB2, HC90DCXB3, HC60BCXB2, HC60DCXB3.

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Chimney fastening bracket for Rangehood.
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