The kitchen is the humble engine room in which we choose to live — where we create, socialize and enjoy the best that life has to offer.



It all comes down to this. The years designing, crafting, testing. Reinventing the way kitchens work. Strange, the moment we know we got it exactly right is when no-one says a thing.

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Kitchen Case Studies

O'Sullivan Kitchen

For a kitchen that makes such a grand first impression, this is actually a design of subtle moments. Positioned on a cliff top in Auckland's Point Chevalier, architect Mike O'Sullivan has created a rich material palette with a large, green marble-clad island at the center, intricate geometries and functional planning.

Neeson Murcutt Kitchen

Located on the cliffs above Sydney's Northern Beaches, this house has an enviable view from above Bilgola Beach. The focus was on the seaward-facing side of the house where the kitchen and dining lead out onto a deck. The architects worked to find a balance between open, view-driven spaces and those that huddled back, retreating and cosy.

Headland House Kitchen

Enviably positioned on a headland on Waiheke Island in New Zealand with views in all directions, this house was the 2013 winner of Home of the Year. Designed by Stevens Lawson Architects as a series of pods that, in their grouping together, create another intermediate space in between these distinct silos.

Richard Naish Kitchen

Finding inspiration in the nostalgia of childhood kitchens, this Home of the Year winning kitchen, designed by Richard Naish, nods to an earlier time while the innovative appliances make it resolutely contemporary. 

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Sayes Stock Kitchen

Despite the constraints of a tight section and an even tighter budget, architect Henri Sayes sought to create a unique house for himself and his wife. The small but cleverly designed kitchen repurposes inexpensive materials, draws in light, and mixes and matches appliances to create a functional and bright space.

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