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Fruit & vegetable crisper bin (large upper bins) and freezer bin. Suits French Door refrigerator model RF610.
$ 58.11Each
Trim freezer basket - white plastic. For 635mm wide cabinets. Suits freezer models beginning: F310, N308, E308, N388, E388. Will also suit some older 635mm wide fridge/freezer models which have slide-out wire freezer baskets. Includes the following models starting with: C380, C410, N369B, N395B and some E372B, E402B.
$ 39.45Each
Half width adjustable door shelf for the Left Hand side of your refrigerator door. Suits all 680mm width cabinets. Suits models beginning E361T, E406B, E413T, E440T, E442B.
$ 19.05Each
Support Bracket HCL for Refrigerator shelf. Suits various Models.
$ 4.13Each
A brushable black paint suitable for small repairs and touch ups on pre-painted appliances
$ 13.34Each
Also available in Silver (128991) and White (52788)
Dairy cover hinge pin for Refrigerator Packet 2 Suits dairy cover lid for 680mm and 790mm wide cabinets
$ 4.16Each
Lamp with screw type attachment for refrigerator. Lamp 230V 15W SES Models: Beginning with: C190, C270, C370,C373, C450, E240B, E169T, E249T, E240B, E373, E450, H275, H320, RF190,RF240, RF270, RF249T, RF120, RF51, RF169T, RC215, RC220, RC275, RC280, RC320,RC360,RC510,RC701
$ 13.81Each
Fruit & Vegetable Crisper Bin Divider. Suits crisper bins 836660, 836661 and 836659.
$ 12.59Each
Out of stock
Note crisper bins sold separately
This part number is for both the fridge bin and freezer bin. This is for models where the freezer is on the bottom and the bins sit on a roll out tray. These refrigerators have two different size bins - this is the larger bin. Suits model E522B.
Height 190mm
Width 394mm
Depth 345mm
$ 54.03Each
The smaller bin is part 836522
Fruit Vegetable Crisper bin for 635 & 680mm wide cabinets. Suits models starting with: N325T,C390T, E381T, N375T, E411T, E361T, E413T, E440T, E450, E373 ,C450, C420, C373, C370.
$ 52.75Each
Out of stock
Clear dairy cover lid for right hand side of refrigerator door. Suits 680mm width cabinets, models beginning E361T, E406B, E413T, E440T, E442B.
$ 24.18Each
Out of stock
Freezer bin for refrigerator models where the freezer is on the bottom; and the bin hangs from sliding rails (does not sit on the bottom of the liner). Suits models starting with E522B.
$ 86.08Each
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