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complete fabric care

We believe the modern wardrobe is an investment that deserves specialised care. From soft wools and winter downs to silk gowns, our Steam Care luxury appliances extend the repertoire of fabric care possibilities at home.

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Because the range of fabrics that make up the modern wardrobe is rich and diverse — and every fabric has unique requirements for the best care — we take a science–based approach to luxury appliance design. Through research and real–life testing of fibres, fabric qualities, and garment construction, we have developed tailored solutions that optimally balance temperature, steam and humidity to refresh, revive, and respect your precious garments.

perfect wool

Wool, a complex yet exquisite fibre with natural softness, warmth and durability. Respect garment structure, silhouette and drape with optimised steam and Woolmark™ certified cycles tailored to maintain the integrity of diverse woollen garments.

Perfect Silk

Lightweight, delicate and luxurious, silk’s naturally insulating properties make it cool in summer and warm in winter. Understanding silk’s sensitivity to temperature and moisture, we’ve created intelligent low–heat cycles and steam solutions to help you retain garment softness and lustre.

Perfect Outerwear

Technical fibres and performance fabrics have specialised care requirements. Maintain the thermal, water repellent and structural qualities of outdoor garments with steam refresh cycles and drying conditions tailored to natural and synthetic trans–seasonal outerwear.

Perfect Evening Wear

Luxury fibres deserve the best of care. From delicate embellishments to pick stitching and silk lining, our perfectly timed and balanced steam cycles let your precious garments breathe. Relax fibres and reset structure without chemical dry cleaning, for perfect care of occasional pieces.

Project Details

fabric care cabinet

Reduce the need for chemical dry cleaning with tailored steam care at home. Our Fabric Care Cabinet’s powerful yet gentle steam cycles are designed to help you conveniently preserve the condition of precious garments for a long–life of wear. Our specialised cycles create opportunities to minimise energy and water usage, for fabric care that is gentler on the planet.

Perfect Coat

The winter wardrobe's hero staple often requires less frequent cleaning than other garments. Maintain the soft finish and tailored silhouette of structured wool with a controlled refresh — low– heat  steam and filtered air gently permeating fibres to revive your garment.

Perfect Suit

Impeccable tailoring deserves expert garment care. From our knowledge of super–fine wool fibres, luxury fabrics and garment construction, we’ve created specialised steam care solutions for modern suiting, optimised to retain a perfect fit and fabric finish.

Perfect Tuxedo

Perfect proportions, distinctive silhouettes, smooth peak lapels — the details of evening suiting in fine wool and silk tailoring. Garments of this calibre deserve motionless steam care. Gentle wool cycles optimised to retain fibre softness and lustre, maintaining fit, form and drape.

Perfect Evening Gown

Evening wear, crafted from elevated materials — luxurious silks and romantic satins, with embellished detailing and sophisticated finishes. Understanding the qualities of delicate fibres, we’ve created steam solutions to relax and reset garment structure, for perfect occasion wear.

Perfect Puffer

Warm and voluminous, the perfect puffer shields the cold, creating comfort and protection. With thermal properties unlike any other fibre, down requires a specific combination of heat and humidity to refresh or dry while maintaining structure and performance.

Perfect Leather Jacket

A sumptuous natural fabric prized for its durability, weight and luxurious tactility. Understanding leather’s unique care requirements, we have developed a specialised Steam Care cycle that perfectly balances heat and humidity to retain suppleness, structure and texture. 

Perfect Rain Jacket

A trans–seasonal staple often constructed from technical or natural fibres with water–repellent finishes, breathable vents, welded seams and cotton lining. Our optimised outerwear drying cycles help prevent damage from excessive heat, retaining garment integrity and performance.

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Perfect Quilted Jacket

The perfect quilted jacket, constructed from low&150;maintenance synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, is a trusted piece to be enjoyed throughout the seasons. Our gentle, low–heat refresh cycle helps retain structure and performance, for long–lasting wearability.

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Perfect Denim Jacket

Raw denim, a premium cotton famed for its rich indigo colouring, will soften and fade with wear and washing. Tailored steam cycles provide an effective alternative, gently airing and deodorising denim, retaining depth of colour, form and fit for a long life of wear.

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Perfect Suede Jacket

The suede jacket, an iconic transitional piece meticulously crafted in fine velvety leather. An alternative to dry cleaning, our tailored leather setting optimises humidity, filtered air and temperature to safely refresh, dry and deodorise suede and nubuck garments.

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Perfect sneakers

The humble sneaker turned high&150;end urban icon. A key player in the luxury market and a rising global obsession, capable of elevating and completing almost any ensemble. Our shoe care cycle runs slightly warmer, specifically designed to dry and maintain the condition of your favourite pair.

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Care for cherished garments without the need for full wash and dry cycles. For detergent-free, ready-to-wear convenience — use steam to refresh, revive and respect garments. Or choose from our range of intelligent cycles to enjoy tailored care for specific fabric types.

Perfect Sweater

The perfect sweater — a cherished winter centrepiece with soft, thick wool fibres requiring infrequent yet gentle care. Our intelligent Steam Care and Woolmark™ wash and dry cycles respect the qualities of delicate fibres, preserving wool’s natural softness, structure and shape.

Perfect Knit

Luxurious fine–wool knits, trans–seasonal staples requiring convenient yet specific care. To retain the integrity of this lightweight fibre, we’ve developed specialised Steam Care and Woolmark™ cycles to gently refresh and revive wool garments, retaining colour, softness and form.

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Perfect Silk Camisole

Silk is lightweight, with a natural softness and breathability. Delicate heat–sensitive fibres and lace detailing require optimised low–heat wash and dry temperatures. Our gentlest care settings are tailored to preserve silk’s luxurious finish and drape, extending the life of this timeless fabric.

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Perfect Silk Shirt

The luxurious silk shirt, an effortlessly refined piece with natural lustre and softness. Preserve silk’s finish and drape with optimised low–heat wash and dry cycles designed to respect and gently revive delicate fibres.

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Perfect Jeans

From workwear to high fashion, denim transcends time and context. Recognising that for comfort denim today is frequently blended with heat–sensitive elastic fibres, we’ve developed specialised denim cycles that are optimised to reduce fading while preserving fit and form.

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Perfect Shirt

Crisp, comfortable cotton — the silent hero of the daily ensemble with the tensile strength to withstand warmer washes. Enjoy convenient care with steam refresh cycles that quickly revive a favourite shirt, or choose a dedicated cycle optimised to the qualities of the cotton fibre. 

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Perfect Activewear

Activewear blends respond best to the gentle action of low–temperature quick wash and dry cycles. Our dedicated activewear cycles are designed specifically to retain the softness, form–fitting stretch and moisture–wicking qualities of these functional, technical fibres.


From the fine weaves of lustrous silks and organic cottons to the performance properties of structured woollen garments and blended activewear, the fabrics that make up the modern wardrobe are rich and diverse. Our science–based approach to appliance design provides you with the tools required to respond to any fabric care scenario.


Refresh, revive, respect.

Steam Care appliances quickly and conveniently refresh and revive lightly worn garments without detergent or a full wash cycle, maintaining garment quality and condition for longer.


Remove the guesswork from fabric care with 29+ fabric care cycles and ActiveIntelligence™.

Our intelligent auto-sensing technology determines load size and soil level before automatically dispensing the exact amount of detergent and wash duration required. Additionally, our specially designed cushioned drum delivers a gentle, effective washing action, protecting clothes while delivering optimal wash performance.


Dewrinkle, deodorise, detangle.

Care for every corner of the wardrobe with 25+ drying cycles, including dedicated cycles for activewear, wool garments, sportswear and ultra–delicates. Confidently and conveniently dry garments with the benefit of TangleProtect technology, reducing clothes tangling and ensuring even drying right through.

gentle on
the planet

Our Science of Fabric Care approach is driven by the insight that the better we care for our garments, the longer they last and the less impact we have on the planet. From ActiveIntelligence™ wash technology to the class–leading energy efficiency of our heat pump dryers, our fabric care solutions are designed to help you care better, care for longer and care in new ways. 

Project Details

fabric care solutions

Create a fabric care ecosystem to suit your wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Take perfect care of delicates, durables and everything in between with an ecosystem of Steam Care Front Loader Washing Machines, Heat Pump Dryers and Fabric Care Cabinets, and discover accessories and Connected Home solutions that introduce even more convenience and control to the home.

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