Oven Door Gasket - Inner Top, pdp

Oven Door Gasket - Inner Top

This gasket sits inside the oven door, at the top between the glass panels. This is not the full oven gasket; which sits inside the oven cavity.

Note: Where there is a double oven with one oven above the other, the gasket is only for the upper oven, the lower oven does not have this gasket.

Suits the following models:

Beginning OB60B (OB60B77CEW1, OB60B77CEX1, OB60B77DEM1, OB60B77DEX1, OB60BCEW1/2, OB60BCEX1/2, OB60BDEM1/2, OB60BDEX1/2).

Beginning OB60D (OB60DDEM1/2, OB60DDEX1/2).

Beginning OB60N (OB60NCEX1, OB60NDEX1, OB60NLMW1, OB60NLMX1).

Beginning OB60S (OB60SCCX1, OB60SCEW1/2, OB60SCEX1/2, OB60SCMW1/2, OB60SCMX1/2, OB60SCRX1, OB60SDEM1/2, OB60SDEX1/2, OB60SDTM1, OB60SDTX1/2, OB60SLCX2, OB60SLMFX1/2, OB60SLRX1).

Beginning OR (OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1).

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Oven Door Gasket - Inner Top