Straight Handle & Hinge Kit, pdp

Straight Handle & Hinge Kit

***Replaces part 315140***

Kit used to convert the side the door opens on white 680mm and 790mm width cabinets, where the freezer is at the top and the fridge is bottom mounted (fridge is at the bottom and Freezer the top).

This kit is for white door models with white plastic straight edge style handles. The handles in the kit are square, this kit can also be used on refrigerators with white curved handles.

Not suitable for models with stainless steel handles or stainless steel doors.

Note: When facing the refrigerator the hinge is on the left hand side and needs to be converted to the right hand side.

Suits models: E521TLT, E440TLT, E413TLT E361TLT.

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Straight Handle & Hinge Kit

Hint: For the opposite hinge use Part Number 838087. Assistance to install these parts may be required from a qualified tradesperson.