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Choosing, comparing and selecting products is made easy on our online site. However if you need further assistance, our UK Call Centre are available to help with any questions or check our FAQs section.


You will need to pay for your item at the time of placing the order online. We make sure your details are safe, don’t worry though, as we don’t store your credit card details.


Our team will give you a call to confirm your delivery requirements. Your items will be delivered by our trained Fisher & Paykel drivers or one of our trusted and trained third party carriers.


For all your service needs, call Fisher & Paykel Customer Care on 08000 886 605 or book your service online now.


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Expert Tips

Before calling for service please review our trouble shooting information. You may be able to correct a problem with your appliance by following these guidelines.


We understand that sometimes there are a few things that you might want to know more about.

So we have put together a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help you with making decisions and placing your order.


All Fisher & Paykel products come with a two year warranty. Find out what other types of warranties we have available.

Product Registration

Product Registration

Register your product for Product Protection and more.


CAD Files

CAD Files

Download CAD files, product information and data sheets from our online resource - The Kitchen Tools.