Complete Fabric Care

Steam Care Washers & Dryers

Every fabric has its own needs for the best care.

Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances are purposefully designed to deliver remarkable fabric care, regardless of the garment.

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Exceptional levels
of fabric care

Prioritise life over laundry. New Steam Care washers and dryers bring exceptional levels of fabric care and convenience to your daily laundry. Use steam to quickly refresh and revive garments, leaving them dewrinkled, deodorised and ready to wear in minutes.


Deodorise and dewrinkle garments, leaving them clean, smelling fresh and ready to wear in minutes.


Steam Refresh is a quick 20 minute cycle that brings lightly worn clothes back to life.


Steam is a less-intensive refresh option that saves water and reduces wear on your favourite garments compared to a full wash cycle. It’s kind on your clothes and gentle on the environment.


How Does Steam Work?

Steam works by gently expanding fabric fibres, refreshing lightly worn garments by unlocking odours and restoring their natural shape and structure. Because steam is a lower temperature cycle that uses minimal water, it’s suitable for use on almost any fabric type – from delicate silks and activewear, through to cotton, linen and blends.


The modern laundry is no longer just a functional work zone, it is a beautifully designed space featuring appliances that are styled to match one another and be part of a holistic laundry system. Our washers and dryers are the perfect pair. With complementary cycles crafted to meet the unique needs of every fabric, they're simply better together.


Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers are purposefully designed to complement each other both aesthetically and functionally. Pairing a Steam Care Front Loader with a Steam Care Heat Pump Dryer will bring new levels of fabric care and convenience to your daily laundry.

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Take the guesswork out of washing with front loader washing machines that sense and adjust as they wash. Tailor a load to your specific needs with our Optimise Wash options: Eco, Speed and Quiet. Choose Hygiene for a deep clean, or Handwash for an ultra-gentle result. Use Steam Refresh to quickly refresh and revive garments without a full wash cycle.


Enjoy outstanding energy efficiency and fabric care with heat pump dryers that quickly dry garments at lower temperatures. Dry with confidence with TangleProtect technology, which reduces clothes tangling and ensures even drying with class-leading 10-star energy rating. Use Steam Freshen to dewrinkle and deodorise garments, leaving them fresh and ready to wear in minutes.

Perfect Results

Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers are crafted with stunning aesthetics, ease of use and functionality in mind, to turn daily routines into rituals.


Put the iron away or save it for a super-crisp finish. Steam is an effective dewrinkler that gently eases creases out of clothes.


Use a quick steam cycle to remove odours from clothes without using laundry detergent.


With our new reverse tumble you can dry clothes faster, more gently and with less tangling – a feature we call TangleProtect.

Beautiful to Use

Our intuitive cycles and family friendly functions give you the flexibility to customise your laundry to your lifestyle and achieve the pinnacle of fabric care

Health And Hygiene

Our Hygiene cycles provide extra protection for your clothes. The higher wash temperature and an extra rinse cycle is designed to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and reduce allergens.

A Quieter Home

In a busy home, noise is often your enemy. Let your family rest easy with Optimise Wash Quiet, a noise-reducing function that lets you put on a wash load without waking the house.

Time Saving

If time is short, select a Quick 15 or 30 minute wash or 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle to take care of lightly soiled garments and small loads.

Beautiful to Use

Our intuitive cycles and family friendly functions give you the flexibility to customise your laundry to your lifestyle and achieve the pinnacle of fabric care.

Respect For The Planet

Caring for your garments is not just about keeping them pristine. By preserving the clothes we wear we extend their life, meaning less goes to landfill. Fisher & Paykel's intuitive technologies deliver exceptional performance for a superior clean and dry, with features that are designed to be gentle on fabrics.

Auto Dose

Prolong the life of your garments with Auto Dose mode. Auto Dose dispenses the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener required based on load size – resulting in less waste, less hassle and less detergent residue, with the added convenience of not needing to fill the dispenser for every wash.

Optimise Wash

Optimise Wash settings allow you to balance cycle time, water and energy use. Choose Optimise Wash Eco to reduce wash temperature and achieve greater energy and water savings.

Energy Efficiency

Using SmartDrive™ technology, our washers intelligently adjust the wash action for better fabric care and water efficiency. And with a new variable speed compressor and air circulation system, our heat pump dryers achieve both faster dry times and exceptional energy efficiency.

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