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If you’re a keen cook, you are likely to have a cupboard crammed full of spices. From jars of cardamom and cinnamon to mountains of mustard and mint, we use spices every day to add depth of flavour to our favourite dishes.


There’s a great deal you can do with them - whether you’re sprinkling turmeric into your morning smoothie or spooning it into a slow-cooked curry - they’re versatile enough to be used in many recipes.


They've recently become more popular for the health benefits they can bring. Did you know that capsaicin -  a compound found in chilli peppers – is said by some to be a natural pain killer or that the aspartic acid found in fennel could have a positive effect on various digestive issues? The properties of these spices mean they’re now thought of as superfoods which may have some health benefits. Whatever you believe, there’s no doubt that these spices are utterly delicious with the bonus of possible body-boosting benefits.


Our favourite spices

Here are ten spices we love to cook with here at Fisher & Paykel. They’re likely to be familiar to you already (in fact, we use them extensively in the recipes we have shared in Our Kitchen). We’ve added a litte bit of information about possible health benefits and some useful tips on how to use them in your next meal.