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Contemporary Round Handle Kit, 60cm

Contemporary Round Handle for Integrated Dishdrawer, Dishwasher or Wall Oven, 1 Piece. Compatible with DD60STI9, DD60SI9, DD60DI9, DW60U6I1, DW60U2I1, DD60DDFX9, DD60SDFTX9, DD60SDFX9, OB60SDPTX1, OB60SDPTDX1, OB60SD11PX1, OB60SD10PX1, OB60SD9PX1, OB60SD9X1, OB60SC8DEPX2, OB60SC7CEPX2, OB60SC7CEX2, OB60SC7CEW2, OB60SC6CEPX2, OB60SC6CEX2, OB60SC5CEX2, OS60NDB1, OM60NDB1, WB60SDEX1. For integrated Dish products, pair with a Fisher and Paykel stainless steel door panel or cabinetry panel made by your cabinet maker
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Contemporary Round Handle Kit, 60cm

Brushed Aluminium Finish

Height 17mm
Width 565mm
Depth 41mm