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Adjustable crockery insert. Spacing-adjustable tines. Designed to fit deep bowls (wide spacing) or small plates (narrow spacing), depending on adjustment. To adjust between wide and narrow spacings, slide the tines backward or forward by the handle at the front.

Suits models beginning DD24 and ending in 7.

Also suits DCS models DD24SUT7 & DD24DUT7.

$ 65.10Each
In Stock

Washing machine touch panel. This is a stick on panel/sticker.

Suits Models starting with: GW511, GW611, GW711, GW512, GW612, GW712.

Hint: Unplug your washing machine before replacing the stick on decal panel. If the old sticker is difficult to remove, and it is safe to operate a hair dryer near the machine, gently warm the old sticker to soften the adhesive. Remove old decal/panel before adhering new decal.

Note: Colour of the decal may vary from the original.

$ 41.79Each
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Drain Pump for AquaSmart™. For models beginning with WL (These machines have a low profile agitator).

Note: Not compatible with any other models.

$ 144.98Each
In Stock
Series 9

For Induction Cooktop with Integrated Ventilation.

Height 140
Width 280
Depth 160
Out of stock
Freezer door pocket. Suits fridge models that have a cabinet width of 790mm. The width of the cabinet is taken with the door open and from outside to outside of the cabinet. It is not the door measurement.
$ 16.11Each
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Pin fast Freezer cover.

Suits Models: N149, N150, E150, N209, N210, E210.

Notes: To attach clear plastic trim for top shelf in upright freezers with cabinet with of 525mm.

$ 5.46Each
Out of stock

Half width adjustable door shelf for the left hand side of the door.

Suits Models starting with: E522B, E521T, N510T, N500B, C520B, C511B.

$ 16.60Each
Out of stock
Stackable chest freezer basket. Suitable for models H160, H220, H280, H360.
$ 44.16Each
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$ 35.52Each
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$ 45.84Each
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Series 9

For Induction Cooktop with Integrated Ventilation.

Height 157
Width 226
Depth 190
Out of stock
$ 16.82Each
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